Email Marketing

Email is one of the most direct forms of marketing. Most users receive email into their mobile devices on the go. Sending an email to your customers to promote sales, distribute coupons, drive in-store or online traffic are all excellent uses of the medium.

But! Designing, coding, testing and managing can be difficult. There are many do-it-yourself email service providers out there but it’s up to you to do the work. RAVEN5 has been providing Email Marketing services for many years with many different providers and various clients.

RAVEN5 in partnership with BERNINA provides the following:

  • Manage your email subscriber list (ensuring compliancy with CASL)
  • Provide a sending domain (i.e. yourbusinessname .net/.co)
  • Provide deployment services

Service fees:
Account fee per dealer $30 / month
Email templates (custom) $50 / each
Email Deployments $0.01 / send


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